My 1st Artist Talk Presentation

Let me first begin by expressing that I feel extremely lucky and immensely grateful for the support of long-time friends and those who I've met just recently. I was not expecting opportunities like these to come my way, especially in the way that they came. A few months back, I found out that my friend Carrie Lockwood, who had just begun working as a gallery assistant at the art gallery at El Camino College introduced my work to the director and curator, Michael Lewis Miller.

She felt that some of my work would fit into an upcoming exhibition that would run near the time of Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead celebrations. This exhibition would be named "Aqui y Allá y Más," and would be on display from October 10 - November 3, 2022.

Patrick, Michael L. Miller, Rodolfo Otero, Carrie Lockwood, Monica Moreno, Hefe

Carrie let me know that she had spoken to Michael and told me a bit about the plans for the exhibit, then a phone call with Michael was scheduled. After the phone call, an in-person meeting was had where I brought in the pieces that Michael had specifically selected to be shown in the exhibition. These were all pieces that he and Carrie had viewed on my website. All, except two had never been in a public exhibition. I thought the selection of work was curious. I speak a bit about why in my artist talk presentation.

"Aqui y Allá y Más" hosted sculptures, drawings, paintings, photography and more by local Los Angeles artists and international artists. Michael had been inspired by the memory of a past exhibit with the name "Aqui y Allá." In English, this translates to "Here and There." When I met with him, he explained that he wanted to present the viewpoints of people who could be called, or refer to themselves as Mexican-American, Mexican, Latino, Chicano, and Latinx. For people who fall under these labels, "Aqui y Allá" holds many meanings, most clearly, the feeling of being from here (the US), but also from there (Mexico).

The artists featured in "Aqui y Allá y Más" were Rude Calderon, Yreina Cervantez, Ken Gonzales-Day, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Monica Moreno, Zak Perez, Reynaldo Rivera, Juan Varela, Francesco Siqueiros, Gabriella Malinalxochitl Zapata, Raza de Arte y Cultura Club: Organized by Dulce Stein, Mary Clark-Camargo, and Centro de Cultura Oaxaca.

I am very proud of how my work was displayed in the gallery, and I obviously have Michael to thank for that. He chose a part of the gallery that is intimate and separate from the main room, but he made sure that you were drawn into the small room by placing my largest sculpture in view of the entrance. This sculpture includes a rotating pendant that hangs from the ceiling. It is one of the memorial pieces I created in memory of my father, Juan C. Moreno with the support of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and Community Partners through their Corona Memorials Project.

During Michael Lewis Miller's Curatorial Speech.

I have to admit that I feel very regretful too. I was not able to follow through with some of the activities I had planned to participate in during the run of this exhibition. A lot happened in my personal life these last months that have left me without time, without much energy, and not in the best emotional state to prepare. As some of you know, I spent some years of my life taking dance classes, choreographing, and performing. Some of you will also remember that I use the graphic design, photography, audio, video recording, and editing skills that I have to produce experimental multimedia projects. These normally are accompanied by my poetry.

It had been a secret fantasy of mine to re-introduce performance into my life by using the aforementioned skills, incorporating my sculpture and jewelry work. What do you think Michael wanted me to participate in? Well, he encouraged me to perform some of my poetry at poetry events planned during the "Aqui y Allá y Más" exhibition, and so did Carrie. This was something I really really wanted to do. It would have been my first time doing something like this. I wish that I had the kind of peace in my life in the last few months that I needed in order to make it happen.

Patrick, Michael L. Miller, Rodolfo Otero, Dulce Stein, Monica Moreno, Hefe

But, when a last-minute artist talk was scheduled, I dropped things that I had planned to do that day. I thought that I might be able to do something else that I've never done if I showed up, and I did. I'm very happy that I was given this time to speak a bit about the things I've created, and although in my eyes it was not a perfect presentation, I hope that you enjoy it. The experience was intimate, in the small room, with a few people. It was an excellent opportunity to try my hardest to explain processes, meanings, inspirations, and thoughts. This is always a challenge for me because my work tends to have way more than a handful of meanings, and the making process is often painful, confusing,...consuming for the stress they put me through and their personal nature. Once I finish a piece, I prefer to forget about it as soon as possible. I feel that it has taken enough of my time, too much emotion, and brain power from me. I always need time to get the heaviness out of my chest, and to relax my brain before I move on to the next project. I feel I create from the heart but have to use my head to figure out how to create what the heart is forcing out.

I do have deep feelings and visions in my head of performing once some life interrupters are out of the way. So, please stay connected and feel free to reach out to me. And, once more, THANK YOU to those who have shown me much-needed love and support. I hope I can repay it somehow or make you proud.

More photos with special friends: Left Photo (Me with John K. Barraclough), Right Photo (Me with Ida K. Price and Xana Ramos.

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