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Breast Tie Tack with Chain | Delicate Anatomy

Breast Tie Tack with Chain | Delicate Anatomy


Delicate Anatomy is a collection of pieces inspired by the most private parts of the human body. The parts most often covered and, curiously enough, also exploited. Through the pieces in this collection it is my wish to bring awe, respect, and care to these areas. 



1.5 inch tall

.5 inches wide


Each piece is handmade especially for you in Los Angeles, CA.





    This piece was originally sculpted in clay by hand. A mold of the model was made and then used to cast the piece in sterling silver using the lost wax casting technique. 

    Monica is personally invested in the process of creating each and every piece, literally leaving her mark as the surface texture of the miniature sculpture. 


    Care Notes - Sterling silver naturally tarnishes and is a soft metal that will scratch with wear. To remove tarnish, we suggest using a soft silver polishing cloth. 

    Materials - Sterling Silver .925, Nickel Silver Tie Tack

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