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Sterling Silver Tiny Realistic Skull Necklace

Dainty Skull Necklace


The skull is an extremely iconic image. I don't think that it is meant to promote fear or to be morbid. Instead, it is meant to inspire and motivate us each to live our best lives now. The skull is a reminder of our mortality...something we are frightened of, but also fascinated by.

Wear the tiniest skull I've made available as a delicate reminder to live fully every day of your life.


Skull measures 5mm tall x 3.5mm wide
Silk cord is approximately 14" long

Includes a 2" chain extender

Lobster Clasp

All metal components are .925 Sterling Silver

Cord is 100% silk


Each piece is handmade especially for you in Los Angeles, CA.


    Materials - Sterling Silver .925, 100% Silk

    Care Notes - Sterling silver naturally tarnishes and is a soft metal that will scratch with wear. To remove tarnish we suggest using a soft silver polishing cloth. 




    There are three miniature versions of the human skull available on Each version was painstakingly carved by hand in wax. They were cast in metal using the traditional lost-wax casting method, cleaned, had a bail soldered on, and chain components attached. 

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