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Single Calla Lily Necklace | Language of Flowers

Single Calla Lily Necklace | Language of Flowers

SKU: calla-nkpn-03

Calla Lilies are steeped in tradition and for centuries have been symbolic of purity, innocence, royalty, holiness, or elegance, depending on their color. They are also considered a symbol of resurrection or rebirth, making them a common flower on many important life occasions.


The Language of Flowers collection was inspired by the significance that flowers have been given by man, and by the rich floral oil paintings of Victorian Era artists. 



  • 2.5" long
  • 24" Long Double Rope Chain
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Solid Sterling Silver .925


For centuries, the phallus and seed have been symbolic of many things in every part of the world – power, fertility, rebirth, and so on. This necklace showcases a delicate sterling silver penis with the seed being a tiny freshwater pearl, all suspended by a dainty sterling silver chain. 



1" Long including pearl 

14" Long rope chain

Lobster Clasp

2" Extension chain


Each piece is handmade especially for you in Los Angeles, CA.



    Care Notes - Sterling silver naturally tarnishes and is a soft metal that will scratch with wear. To remove tarnish we suggest using a soft silver polishing cloth. 


    Materials - Sterling Silver .925


    Each petal and leaf on every flower of The Language of Flowers collection has been modeled by hand in wax. The wax sculpture is turned into sterling silver or bronze through a process called lost wax casting. The flower is then cleaned, patina is added, then it is polished.


    Monica is personally invested in the process of creating each and every piece, literally leaving her mark in every single detail of every flower. The material that she uses to create these flowers records her hand prints, which can be seen in the fine surface texture of every petal and leaf. 

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